Our team

Founders and management

Vasiliy Lyakhov

Founder of the school and co-founder of the company.

The ideologist of the steaming technology and the concept of modern sauna based on the traditions of classical steaming.

Rector and chief teacher of the school and online courses for steam masters.

What should a modern sauna be like in order to enhance the effect of traditional steaming for guests and facilitate the work of steam masters using today’s available technologies?

What algorithm should a steam master follow and how to perform its elements to provide guests with the highest enjoyment? And also, how can a steam master safely work for several hours in a row in the sauna simultaneously with several guests?

Vasiliy Lyakhov answers these questions in his seminars and courses.

Training schedule

Alexey Safonov

Co-founder. Commercial and Financial Director. Project Producer.

He is responsible for how you see us on social networks and in advertising, how our administrators and managers interact with you, what products are available to you, and what financial instruments allow you to purchase them, paying in installments.

As part of investment projects, he is responsible for the financial plan and funding discipline for the implementation stages launch.

And our mentors and students attract clients for individual steaming sessions, while sauna complexes attract guests, forming bookings for months in advance, thanks to the customer acquisition system developed by the marketing department under Alexey’s management.

Marina Gulyaeva

Co-founder. Art director and investment developer.

Marina develops sauna menu formats and programs of procedures and services based on Vasiliy Lyakhov’s technology, taking into account commercial profitability, so that the sauna complex receives maximum profit from every square meter/hour.

The work of mentors with students, work with sauna complexes, and quality standards of service provision are developed and monitored by Marina.

Marina also develops commercially viable business models for investment projects of sauna and spa complexes. Under her guidance is a team for selecting land and objects for sauna complexes. If you are interested in investing in the sauna business, or you are selecting investment project options from 15 million ₽ to 200 million ₽ with a profitability of 75-120% per annum, let’s communicate. Schedule a call.

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